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Best In Class Medical Documentation

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Medsource is the largest medical transcription company in Sri Lanka. We provide top-of-the-line technology, outstanding quality and US-based customer service to our customers for the best value for your money. With over 250 Medical Transcriptionists, Medsource does work for many prestigious hospital groups in the US. We run a 24x7 operation with staffing evenly spread out across nights/days and weekdays/weekends.

  • Incepted in February 2008.
  • Initial training was done by American Trainers.
  • Currently serving for 17 Hospitals in United States.
  • Working for leading clienteles in United States.
  • Over 200 Office Based Employees and 50 Home Based Employees.

What Makes MedSource Special ?

Onshore/Offshore Model

Our Onshore/Offshore approach means we can provide the best of both worlds. We use US-staff and QA for our clients, which means a personal touch along with low coordination costs. Our off-shore capacity allows us to offer quality transcription that is value priced.

Dynamic and Experienced Management Team

Medsource’s multi-cultural management team (American, Sri Lankan, and Indian) minimizes the culture gap that exists with many offshore companies. Our top three managers have over 30 years of combined transcription experience. Prior to joining Medsource, our top management has been employed by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Medquist, Transcend, Heartland, and CBay.

Process Oriented and Data Driven

Transcription is a process based business. We have developed scientific rostering based on incoming dictation minutes and backlogs which leads to greater MT utilization and improved TAT. Our highly skilled production supervisors use established protocols for monitoring and managing MT/QA pools for improved TAT. We have established checklists and visual aids for MTs and supervisors leading to fewer mistakes.

Our Find-Develop-Retain Philosophy

Our philosophy and practice of finding the best talent, training that talent with the iterative method, and creating a good work-life balance leads to outstanding retention and gives us a steady and dedicated workforce. We have multiple advertising channels and methods for attracting the best talent. Our selection criterion predicts future success by assessing intelligence, English skills, and work-ethic/cultural fit. Our training relies heavily on Learning-By_Doing and immediate feedback for quick and effective progression. All new MTs are given follow-up training so that they may continue progressing after finishing formal training. Our retention is very good as we place extraordinary value on keeping our employees healthy and happy.

Top Technology and Process Oriented

Successful transcription depends on a marriage of skilled employees and the best technology. Our dictation/transcription platform gives our clients a comprehensive yet easy to use interface. In the background, sophisticated voice recognition engines and routing algorithms allow us to produce quality transcription in the most efficient manner. Our highly skilled medical transcriptions type or proof-read voice-recognition-produced drafts. We have established checklists and visual aids for MTs and supervisors leading to fewer mistakes.

The MedSource Approach

We believe fully in creating a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients. PMC’s success in cost-effective transcription becomes our success. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in a diverse industry such as healthcare. Medsource will adapt and conform to PMC’s needs and requirements, presently and in the future. Our personalized customer service means that PMC will get prompt attention and resolution to any issues or changes. PMC will deal directly with decision makers at Medsource.

Medsource also believes in transparency of operations. We use clear and verifiable billing methodologies for all our clients.

HIPAA Compliant Transcription

A committed entity in being compliant with HIPAA regulations. Where security is taken to the next level where our security measures include some of the advanced techniques. Starting from Password protection to three different levels of security to meet HIPAA regulations related to the Electronic Transmission of Patient Information. e have in place, specific technical and physical security features for data system components, identification of authorized users, control of access, data integrity, and backup/recovery to ensure availability and reliability.


MedSource is the largest Medical Transcription company in Sri Lanka with state-of-the-art facility and technology, outstanding quality and US-based customer service. Offices in United States, Sri Lanka and India with over 250 Medical Transcriptionists.

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Our Office Locations

  • U. S. Office MedSource Healthcare, LLC
  • Sri Lanka Office MedSource (Pvt) Ltd
    Head Office - Colombo
    Branch Office - Kandy
  • India Office MedVance Health Pvt. Ltd
    Head Office - Chennai
    Branch Office - Delhi

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